Neue Mitte Grenzach

1. Prize
Invited urban study, Grenzach-Wyhlen, 2016
Urban Masterplan Neue Mitte Grenzach, 2016-2017
Weyell Zipse Architekten with Christian Salewski & Simon Kretz Architekten and Atelier Loidl Landschaftsarchitekten


Urban development of the city center of Grenzach in two scenarios with or with the city hall of Grenzach-Wyhlen. The “neue Mitte” forms around the urban grove, a versatilely usable city square with high trees. The “neue Mitte” connects the territorial areas of Dinkelberg, Talbach and Unterberg with the Rheinvorland and the Rhein valley. The project weaves together existing potentials and spaces to a robust urban concept, that is based on spatially open and adaptable urban spaces. The goal is to establish a lively center through the combination of different uses and diverse functions of the city (housing, school, market, city fair etc.). The “neue Mitte” is to be strategically understood as one component of a long-term urban development of Grenzach. The project is part of the IBA Basel 2020.